The Process

I am critically aware that in our world, education and economic landscapes are rapidly changing. Ultimately, students go to college so they can get a job — jobs that require creativity, grit, and self-direction. I will not only help you through the college application process, but also prepare you to be ready for the world, during and after college.




San Francisco Bay Area & Skype


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Areas of Practice

College counseling


I guide students through the college application process, serving as a compass, a safety net, and a trusted source. Each student I work with will gain self awareness, confidence and life skills; skills that are fundamental for making active and conscious decisions, such as where to go to college. All activities are oriented towards tangible goals like creating the college list and writing application essays.

Test Preparation


My students have had an overall score increase of 3-4 points on the ACT and 200 points on the SAT.

I teach test preparation (SAT & ACT) as an important aspect of the college application process. I consider each student's individual academic, social, and emotional needs. I always consider students from a holistic perspective.



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