Through the Eyes of a Client

My name is Lindsay.

I am 28 year old San Francisco resident in the midst of my millennial crisis. Like many people my age, I am trying to find a way to balance enjoying my time on this earth, and working at a job that has meaning and purpose. I am genuinely terrified of waking up at 75 years old with nothing to show for my life. A couple of months ago I quit my job, moved to Ghana and started volunteering at an orphanage. I had almost too much time to think and when I got back I felt overwhelmed with choice. I could do anything. Go anywhere. Be anything.


So I decided to help reign in my focus with the help of a professional. Through a friend, I met Sophie Silverstein, an incredible life coach and counselor who specializes in transitions. I reached out to her and she promptly set up a consultation.

The Consultation

I’ve never done anything like this so I was nervous walking into our meeting. Luckily, Sophie made me feel comfortable right away. She has a warm and sincere presence so it’s easy to feel like you’ve known each other for awhile. After some “getting to know you” talk, we got into why I was there and what I was looking for. I was admittedly pretty vague, I mentioned I was interested in starting my own business and feeling lost on how to make that huge step a reality.

Sophie was an incredible listener, prompting me with relatable questions until I pretty much unloaded my life story on her. Nothing fazed her or made me feel like she thought I was insane. A good start.

After I spilled my guts, Sophie repeated back same main points to me and let me know we could start a bi-monthly plan to work on setting my goals and accomplishing them. The vibe felt right so I happily agreed to this arrangement. Sophie gave me some personality quizzes and homework I needed to work on before our next appointment. It finally felt like I was going in the right direction and to be honest, I felt like I had a friend who really had my back.

Our First Session  

I met Sophie on a Friday morning after canceling on her the previous day. She was flexible and kind about my schedule change, which I greatly appreciated. We met up and dove right into what I had been working on the past week since we last spoke. It felt so good to explain my process to someone that knew exactly where I had started. I am pretty sure I was a rambling fool but Sophie took it all in stride. She asked questions and reframed my own thoughts so I could hear how they sounded back to me. The best part of the experience was having someone be so genuinely interested in my wellbeing. She checked in on all elements of my life, not just work related.

It felt like a more holistic approach to career counseling, which was really refreshing. 

One of the biggest concerns I have is making money on the side while I try to get this business up and running. I was able to talk about my personal feelings and opinions on certain jobs and it came to light I have a personal stigma about going back to bartending. I was able to work through this shame by talking about my relationship with my family. Sophie was able to isolate some of the stronger emotional reactions I was having and guided me to the “why” behind these reactions. I felt comfortable being completely honest without fear of judgment. Once I was able to talk through my side income ideas, she wove how I could put the two together. Perhaps bartending in a place with a lot of entrepreneurs/start-up founders nearby? Instead of feeling like I was taking a step back, Sophie showed me I was actually taking a step forward.  

In one short hour, I was able to find solutions to side jobs, health insurance, and housing, as well as gain tips and tricks about social entrepreneurship.

I walked out of our meeting feeling like I had my head screwed back on and really excited about the future.  I had set goals on what I needed to accomplish next time we saw each other as well as a strong belief I was on the right track to my own personal success.

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