Applying to College: Final Checklist

College application season is almost over, and it is time to dot your i’s and cross your t’s. As you probably know, early decision and early action deadlines have passed and final deadlines are around the corner. In order to apply to college and send in the best applications possible, review this final checklist: 


  • Write your personal statement: check for grammar and use your unique voice
  • Write your supplemental essays for each college, making sure to give more information about you and why you’re a good fit
  • Write your “additional information” if you have extra context to give schools regarding your academic performance or any background information not already included in your application 


  • Review your applications (common application or individual school application) before submitting to make sure there are no mistakes
  • Send your transcript and midyear report to each school through your high school counseling department
  • Send your SAT or ACT scores to each college through College Board or ACT Student; send other admissions tests if necessary (SAT Subject tests, AP tests, TEOFL)
  • Check your online applications to see if your teachers have submitted their letters of recommendation, and if not, follow up with your teachers in person; make sure to write your teacher a thank you note afterwards
  • If it’s not too late (depending on the school), set up interviews on college campuses or with an alumni in your area; send thank you notes to your interviewers

Final Check

  • Review the website of each school you’re applying to make sure you’ve sent them everything they need
  • Once you’ve applied, each school should send you an email with a portal where you can make an account and check to see if your application is complete; check your portals
  • If you are not sure if a school has received all of your information, call or email admissions to confirm
  • Pay for your application; use your fee waiver if you’ve applied and received one
  • Save copies of your applications when you submit
  • Note FAFSA and CSS Profile deadlines and submit financial aid information as soon as you can